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Anil Mohabir


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Yes I know there are a ton of different things going on!

I started off as a software engineer, but then got really into 3D Printing which lead me into fabrication.

Turns out when you know how to code and model working in VR is a ton of fun.

I am not too sure what I will be doing 10 years from now, but I hope it is something I haven't ever thought about before.

Some people say nice things about me

Boost Agents - VR Lunch

DX3 - A story about me!

NXNE 2016 - Towers

Lighting Design + 360 Video

DMZ - Twitter Reactive Sign

Programming + Fabrication

Born RUffians - Stage Map

120 Strings to make 2D 3D again

light it up Blue - Geodesic Dome

Project Management + Ideation

Pampers - FB Live Stream

Technical Producer

Griffin Farley Search For Beautiful Minds

Ryerson Zone Lighting

Lighting Design


3 out of 36 Finish

Lassonde Week Zero

The first ever week for renaissance engineers